Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some of Kregg's Family

Sorry- this pic is kinda small, but this is Kregg's Aunt Peggy (who we just adore) and Josie.

This is Kregg's cousin Kourtnee, his sister Karla (can you see the resemblance???) and her hubby Randy. It was a really long time since we have seen Kourtnee, and I feel bad because I didn't get to talk to her a whole lot. We actually spent most of our time with Karla and Randy. They crack me up.

This is Kregg's brother Kendall (Father of the Bride). Kregg has always looked up to his brother. His wife Heidi is amazing, too. What a great family.
This is one of Kendall's daughters- Karissa, and her fiancee Steve. They are getting married in October (on Ty's birthday in fact!)- and Kregg and Steve get along WAY too good. I think we might be in trouble.
I don't think I really need to say anything about this picture...

Okay- so how lousy am I?? This was the only picture I got of the beautiful bride Britney and her new husband, just as they are leaving. It didn't even turn out very good! Sorry Brit! But her dress was beautiful, and her new husband seems really great. Congrats you two! And sorry Heidi- this was the only pic I got of you, too! How disappointing. But it was a great weekend and we had a great time! It was so great seeing everyone! We miss you all!

4 joe-cool comments:

Shauna said...

I see Kregg's sense of humor runs in the family! :}

Shauna said...

Oh, and have I told ya how darn cute your kids are?! Can't wait for lil' Lucy to join ya'll! :}

karla said...

thanks for the great was fabulous to see you guys,can't wait to see Lucy (and everyone).Glad you got moved ok.

p-boi said...

What an amazing cake! I've never seen one like that before...very cool.