Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mary's first fieldtrip

At school, Mary has been learning about the community, and so for her first fieldtrip they got to take a walk to the post office.

Karson got to come, too. They were so great letting him join in on the fun.

We got to go in the back and sort mail and see how everything works.

This is Mary's good friend Camilla. They are so darn cute together!!

My bud...

One of my best friends Johanna and her family came out to visit last weekend. I miss her so much- it was so great to see her and her cute-as-heck family. We have been friends since she moved into the neighborhood in 1st grade. Man we've had some great times, and gotten into TONS of trouble together (just a few examples: breaking into houses, breaking apple trees, chopping down illegal Christmas trees, a whole crap-load of toilet-papering and steeling barracades). She's also stood by me through all of the tough times and helped me make it through (aka college... wow we were crazy, eh roomie?). I'm so glad that we have been able to stay so close through the years!! Thanks for visitin' Joe! Love yah!!

Where's Lucy??

There she is!! I asked Karson to keep an eye on her while I got in the shower, and when I came out this is where I found her. She scooted all the way across the room before she fell asleep right there. Cute, eh?!?!? My little girl is mobile!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So I seriously send my apologies to each and every one of you that like to check up on us from time to time. There really hasn't been a whole lot going on, so I took a little break. So please forgive me, and my family, for not having much going on this past month or so. I'll try to be better. Love you all!!! -Julz

Kregg's Birthday

Kregg is 33 now- and as handsome as ever!

Of course... He's pretending to sneeze...

His birthday was pretty uneventful, really. The only excitement was the "Better-than-you-know-what" cake I made, that Mary decided to break in half and put on the floor. So this is as close-up of the cake as you are going to get!! I'm not sure I'm cut out to make cakes- this was the 3rd catastrophe with them that I've had in a row!! But of course- we still ate it (you know me)- and OH YEAH it was so good!!

Happy Birthday Hunk! You're the BEST!!!!

We've just been hangin' out...


So Lucy is 8 months old today. She is such a great baby!! She hardly cries and smiles a whole lot. She LOVES her big brothers and has even been known to crack a smile at Mary every once in a while (when Mary's not on top of her). She had RSV a few weeks ago and that wasn't so fun, but she still was smilin' away and didn't seem miserable at all. What a great kid!

Oh that Mary...

Yep... She's asleep...

Here is her new haircut...

Yep... she did her hair and got herself dressed, and went in the backyard to look in the neighbors house...

What?!?! Falling asleep again in a weird position? That's not like Mary!

But this is where she's the happiest. Wherever mom is!

Karson and Mary

These two were holding hands right up until I started recording (of course). But I mostly wanted to show you Mary's new haircut... cute, eh? This just reminds me that they can sometimes get along, and can you believe how quiet they were?!? You don't not hear that very often!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mary Dancing

What a spaz.