Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hangin' with Dad

Do you like their fake smiles??
That's not fake, though!

havin' fun!

We broke down and bought K a grill for Father's Day. It's his pride and joy. It's like he has another kid.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

We love visitors!

My friend Kayla, her kids, Kayla's mom, Kayla's sisters, and their kids all came to St. George this week. We had so much fun! We swam, went to Zion's National Park, went to the Wildlife Museum, went to the Pasta Factory (mmmm... Never-On-Sundae...) and we had a big BBQ at our house. There were a lot of us- but we had a blast! My kids made some new friends and got to play with their old friends Aline and Brent. Kayla and I always have a lot of fun together, and her family was great to let us crash in all their fun!

At the River...

So the best part of Zion's National Park for the kids was playing in the Virgin River. There is nothing funner for a kid than taking your shoes off and throwing rocks in the water. Heck- that's a blast for me, too!

Zion's National Park

We had such a great time! Such a beautiful place, and now I live so close!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wildlife Museum

We got to go to the Wildlife Museum in St. George. It was really a lot of fun and my kids loved seeing animals they have never heard of before! It was a really great experience. The little guy you don't recognize is Red-Head, Jr. He's a cutie. I was his favorite.

Look at all these people I have been hanging out with all week!

They just HAD to get a picture with the bat. To the left is all of the local bugs in the area. Yep- we've seen about half of them. Ew.

Monday, June 11, 2007

We Love Vegas!!

I always do this! I always put up my pics on the blog backwards!! So bear with me, okay? This is the end of our trip to Vegas... we wore our kids out! They had so much fun, though! All the swimming they could handle! We got to eat some really good food, and stay in a really nice place. We got to spend lots of time with our family which is priceless! This was definitely a vacation we will remember!!

How hard is it??

This was me trying to take a picture of T and Lace... First K sneaks in...

Then after I yell at K, G gets in there- and Kars, and my mom behind G...

Finally! A good picture- even with Kars in back there!

Goofin' Around

This is all of us sitting at the M&M Factory waiting to go into the 3-D movie. My practically cousin Layne and her hubby G (who- by the way- let Kregg poor ice cold water on me in the pool), joined us. I sure love them- they're hilarious!! Right down our alley...

The crazier we get, the more in love with eachother we are...

The M&M Factory

They look all shy with the hot M&M...