Friday, September 28, 2007

Mary Update

So we took Mary to Sunrise Hospital in Vegas for her MRI to see if she is going to need heart surgery. My mom came in for a couple days to take care of the boys (so nice!!). I thought I would take some pics and show some of you how it is. So she can't eat for 8 hours before the procedure (which was 5am). So we woke up at 4 and she ate a little bit of mashed potatoes, a little bit of a corn dog, and a little bit of a waffle (anything to get something down, right???). She actually did really good- I thought she would be freaking out because she was so hungry. I took her for a little ride while the boys ate breakfast (out of sight out of mind, right?) and she slept the whole drive down. So this is her waiting while we are registering her (by the way, she has been obsessed with this superman cape...)
They had this general pediatric waiting room that we sat in for about an hour and a half. It was kind of hard- there was a little room, but no toys. Plus it was kind of dirty (what? In a hospital??). I guess right before we got there they had just kicked a homeless man out for sleeping in there. But anyway- this couch was just her size.
This is where she spent most of the time...
So then we got to go in, change her clothes (SO CUTE!!), and then the pediatric MRI's had their own play room. This one was AWESOME!!! Any toy you could imagine, they had. She was riding cars, they had a play house, the movie "Cars" was on, and tons and tons of toys. She had no problem staying in here for the next hour and a half. Kregg loved playing the Nintendo 64.


So this is when I had to take her away from all of those really cool toys... she was really not happy. I think the whole 9 hours of not eating helped contribute to her screaming...
So this is the machine they put her in. There must have been 6 people in there all to do this procedure for Mary. First, we had to make sure we had absolutely NO METAL (they must have asked us 5 or 6 times). Then when we took her in I laid her down and held her hands (she's a little bit of a spit-fire, so a few of us had to hold her down) while they had her breath into a mask. She went from screaming bloody murder to asleep in about 15 seconds. Powerful stuff! It actually was a little scary for me.
They were done about two hours later. She was really groggy and kept trying to get up.

She really did a great job. She was really calm the rest of the day and puked a little bit, but I'm really proud of her. We should find out the results by Tuesday to see if she will need surgery or not. We love you Mary!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Soccer Time!

So they started their first season of soccer. Kregg is assistant coaching Karson's team, which is probably good, since Karson is almost a foot smaller than all of his team-mates. He tries, though! It's really cute.
Ty is the exact opposite. He's right out there in the front of the pack. It's really fun watching both of them, even though Mary keeps that very limited.

Girls Night Out

When we were kids- my grandma would have all of her grand-daughters up to her house for an evening of dress-up and glamour. We're a little older now- but we still had a great time. My cousins are a little crazy- that's why I love 'em!
Traci and Les...
Miranda and Amber. It was great seeing you guys!

Tunnel Time

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Karson gettin' jiggy!

So this is how Karson dances now...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Playing with Lewis the Hamster

This was taken right before Lewis bit him...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1st Day of School!

Ty started all-day Kindergarten. He loves it! He has already puked in the library, and I've already had a mom tell me he was beating up her kid (I can see Ty play-wrestling, but not beating up... but that's a whole different issue)... but he is having a great time! I've been lucky to get to go in once a week and help out in his class.
Waiting for the bus...
Karson's first day of preschool- he has been working so hard for this day!! He has a great time. In fact- as soon as we reach that preschool door- I have to chase after him just to get my hug goodbye. He loves to play with the farm and the dinosaurs (who would have thought??).

Strike a Pose Kars!

This kid totally cracks me up!! Funny as heck!!


Gotta love that play-doh!! This is a very rare photo- they are all smiling! And I didn't even have to say, "Cheese"!!
Yep- they decided to make a spaghetti house while my back was turned... little buggers...

"Oh mom- Did I do anything wrong??"

Friday, September 07, 2007

Mary and her cuz Jove...

These two had a great time together! Although you probably wouldn't know it from that first pic...They played with the puppy Purdy pretty much the whole camping trip.

4 Wheelin'

My boys of course loved this!!! And hey- I don't want any crazy comments about my helmet!! You'd look crazy too- you know you would!!!

My little canoe trip

Not really sure why I put this picture in there....
This is my cuz Justen- we had a fun little trip! Okay- it really wasn't a trip- It was only about 20 minutes- but SO FUN!!!

This one you might want to get a close-up of... I'm such a spaz...

Washington Lake

My cuz Minda, her daughter Joves and Lace hangin' on the beach!

"How about sharing some of those fruit snacks??"

This lake was SO BEAUTIFUL! We went camping with my mom's family out there- and it was perfect! My kids had a blast.