Thursday, August 27, 2009

So finally... an update...

Well here we are in good ole' Vegas!! We've been here for almost a month and seem to be settling down just fine.

Kregg's done with his training and is at his new store now. He is really enjoying it and the challenge that it brings.

We moved into an apartment that really isn't too bad. It has 2 pools with waterfalls and the kids have really enjoyed that. We don't really feel too cramped- we tried not to unpack too much. We figured an apartment would be great for us until we can really find out where we would like to be out here.

The ward is great- lots and lots of kids (It's so beautiful to hear other people's kids and not just mine going crazy in there). Kregg and I both have callings already- he's in the Elders Quorum Presidency and I'm on the Enrichment Committee. Ha ha!!! We are already making some friends, and our callings will help push that along even more we hope.

The kids are happy to be in school- the hardest thing about this move is that it's too hot to go to a park. And when you don't have any friends yet, you are kinda stuck at home. In your apartment. So they've played a lot of video games, and I've played a lot of Facebook. Ha!

I think this was a great move, and we really are liking it here. We miss Mesquite and especially all of our wonderful friends, but everything is great here. I'm excited!

First Day of School

So this past Monday was the first day of school. Ty's 2nd grade, Karson Kindergarten, and Mary pre-K. I would have to drive them to the bus stop anyway, so I decided to just drive them to school (except for Mary, they still drive her to and from our apartment). They are at a brand-spankin' new school which is pretty exciting! It's year round school which will be interesting, but I'm actually looking forward to it. There's not a whole lot you can do in the summer out here anyway. :)
I would love to say that Lucy and I have a few hours to ourselves, but that's not the case. Karson is in morning Kindergarten and Mary is in afternoon school. Ha!! It makes a little work for the soccer mom in the minivan.
All 3 are making friends and really adapting to their new lives here. I'm so proud of each of them- they seem to make good choices and they make friends so easy. Plus they try hard and (right now) like going to school. It seems like it is going to be a good school, and aside from me witnessing 2 moms duke it out in the school parking lot the other morning, it seems nice and safe.
Here's to a wonderful year!! :)

Lucy's 1!!

Well my littlest little big girl turned 1 in July. Already!! Oh man- she's so adorable- and a daddy's girl. She really has been such a laid back little kid, content on watching what her crazy siblings are doing. She's usually smilin' and wrestling with her sister. She has absolutely NO desire to walk! But that's okay, we're in no hurry. Her birthday was kinda wild, considering that's the day that Kregg got his crazy new job. It will be a birthday none of us will ever forget!!
We love you so much Lucy!!