Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mary's Last Day of School

For her last day they got to go to the splashpark. So fun!! She's had such a fun time in preschool, and she's learned so much. She's made such great friends, and her teachers were WONDERFUL!! I sure hope that whatever the future holds includes another great program just like this one.

Her best buddies Camilla and Kairi. Camilla was a little sad and was crying to her mom and dad. So Mary goes right up to her, grabs her hand, and says, "Come on!! Let's go on the slide!!". They both were grinning from ear to ear the rest of the day. I sure hope Mary always keeps her spunk and her smile!

Our Garden

So out here in the desert we have been very fortunate to have a Ward garden. It's SO AWESOME!! My backyard is straight rock, and I can't ever make anything grow (not to mention keep alive), so it's been great to get ideas and help from other people. I always said that if we grew just one vegetable out of it, then it would be worth it. We have had TONS of radishes, peas and cherry tomatoes, and a PLETHERA (for you "3 Amigos" Fans) of carrots. We also have lots of green onions and green peppers. We also have zucchini and cucumbers! I'm still in shock that anything has grown. The kids have just loved it (in fact most of the peas never made it home). Something we'll definitely have to try to do from now on.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Latest in the Clemens Household...

So it looks like Kregg's days at Radio Shack are coming to an end. It's been a wonderful run, it's just not enough people buying!! So now we are in the process of looking for a new job. If everyone can keep their eyes open... we are really liking it here in Mesquite, but there just aren't many jobs here. So it looks like there is another move in the works for us! The real question is... Where will it be?? Anyway- other than that little stress we are all doing good. Everyone is out of school now, and we're looking forward to a nice family vacation soon. Everyone have a fun summer!!

Karson's Preschool Graduation

Yep- Karson is officially out of preschool!! He has totally loved preschool, but he's even more excited to start Kindergarten!! The graduation was so cute! This pic is of him and one of his best buddies Javen.

Here he is with his teacher Miss Debbie.

This is how he wore his graduation cap most of the time. He kept crackin' himself up.

He's getting so old! I can't believe he's going to be in Kindergarten!
Great job Karson!! LOVE YOU!!

Yep- I ran a 5K...

So the last time I ran a race was probably when I was in college (At least 12 years ago). I was so excited to run one again! They had a nice little one here in Mesquite, so a bunch of us went. It was a lot of fun! My buddy Kena and I actually won out of the women. I wish I could have enjoyed it, but I don't even remember the last 1/2 mile of the race! Then I spent the next half hour trying not to puke. Good times!! If anyone knows one thing about me- it's that I'm pretty darn competitive. It's a gift and a curse.

Me and my bud Kena.

I'm pretty sure this is about the part that I lost all feeling in my body, and my brain shut down.

Kregg is so great! Him and the kids came to watch me run!!
Can't wait for the next one!!


It's so beautiful out there!! Thanks mom and dad for coming with us!!