Friday, October 31, 2008

Ty won!!

The top 25 won pumpkins.

They had to have orange hair!!

So every year at the Elementary school they have a race that they call the pumpkin run. It really is a big deal out here- everybody looks forward to it. Anyway- Ty came in 1st place out of all the boys in 1st grade. And he even ran it with only one shoe (he gets that from me)! Great job Ty!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here's a quote that we promised you!

Here's another quote in honor of Halloween... kinda weird... and dark, because my camera bites, but I'm sure you guys will get it!

Another place for her to crash

I bet you guys wonder if she ever sleeps in her bed!!

The Park in Vegas

So we got to meet up in Vegas with my old pal Johanna, her family, and some of her friends (Samantha I really need to get your number!!). We had a great time!

Sorry- this pic is in there twice and I'm just too darn lazy to fix it. Just close your eyes to the next picture.

The kids LOVED the teeter tawter. Especially when I was on the other side.

Ty being goofy? Really?

Nothing better than a park, good friends, pizza, and donuts!! Totally worth the trip!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quote of the week starring Lucy

So we have kind of decided that Friday's are a really bad night to do the quote of the week since it gets dark here at like 6pm. So we'll keep trying, but it will mostly be on Saturday or Sunday.

Here is this weeks- we decided to give Lucy a turn. This one is way too easy- sorry about that... but we figured it's about time for an easy one.

Also- you might want to check back this week, because in honor of Halloween I think we will probably post a few more quotes. Just cuz it's fun.

We love you all! I hope you guys are enjoying these!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What are the chances??

So yesterday I was driving out of our neighborhood to take Mary to an appointment, and wouldn't you know it... my van got hit with a golf ball!! Scared the tar out of me- and I had to swerve not to hit it again. It actually was pretty hilarious, but it really got me thinking. What are the chances of driving in that exact spot at that exact moment when someone would totally botch their swing? Have any of you been in the wrong place at exactly the right moment??

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here's the Quote of the Week

Here yah go! It might be a little hard, so here is a couple clues. It's a guy I'm quoting and it's not really a cup that falls on my head. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ty is 7!

I can't believe I have a 7 year old. He is such a great kid, though! We enjoy him so much- and can't believe how good he has turned out. He is a hard worker, loves school, is one of the best readers in his class, helps out at home, and actually likes playing with his siblings. He has some great friends, and just got a record in his school for the 50 yard dash. He has also brought 2 girls home this week and he genuinely thinks that they are coming over because they like Star Wars. I can't believe it's all starting already!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Anyway- we love you Ty!

This is his obsession- Star Wars. He actually begged and begged until I would take a pic of his Darth Maul that his auntie Traci gave him for his birthday.

Kregg decorated his cake. It's a good thing that it's Halloween time, because it's actually hard to find black food coloring!

For his birthday party, we invited 8 of his friends and their families and rented a park. We had BBQ sandwiches, chips, and drinks. They had so much fun!! And I barely even had to plan anything! I just forgot that it gets dark by 6... so sorry that my pics are a little dark. When does time change, anyway?

I love how Bridger was helping Ty blow out his candles... that guy cracks me up!

Thanks to all that came- we had a great time!! But you all know me- I'm always up for a party!! Happy birthday Ty!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Murder-Mystery Dinner!

So every year my cousins on my moms side all get together for a Halloween party (It's awesome!! No parents and no kids, other than babies). This year my cousin Brooke decided to throw a murder mystery party. Oh man- SO FUN!!!!!! It was an 80's reunion. I was (big surprise) the class flirt, and Kregg was the most successful director in Hollywood. I was his girlfriend, but of course I was having an affair with the class president, and flirting with everybody else. Kregg also was the one that was killed. How cool is that?? And it was my sister that killed him.

This guy (the school jock) was totally obsessed with me. I spent most of the night trying to get away from him. Great acting Chad!! Hope I didn't knock you out too hard.

Brooke was the one who threw the party and she watched from the sidelines. You did a great job Brooke, and thanks for dinner!

Brock was the school punk and Tonya was the hall moniter turned cop. She was hilarious giving everyone citations.

Here we are (Cindy Crawfish and Steven Speilson).

Here's my sister, the actress, who earned an emmy. She ended up killing Kregg because he knew about her past in a few porn movies.

This is Joe who was the Prom King. This was actually my uncle Bill's suit he wore for his wedding. Love it!!

Jorgen was the band guy, and Phil was the athletic guy turned sports coach at the high school. Hilarious.

Here's Pamela Abdul from the pom-pom squad.

Here was the class president I was having an affair with (who was now running for President) and his wife who was stinkin' hilarious. Lacie actually made pins and flyers and gave them out. So funny.

In this pic you have the head cheerleader, the hall monitor, the prom queen, the class president, and the school jock.

This really wasn't a stretch for my brother- he was the class nerd. Although he was Kregg's accountant, so he was rollin' in the dough. He was really funny.

The royalty.

Tana was the editor of the newspaper and she had everyones money. They were paying her to find out info.

Anyway- this was SO FUN- we'll have to definitely do this again!! I think I might have to put one together out here with a bunch of friends since it was so fun. If you want to come- let me know! Anyway- thanks again Brooke for a great night!!