Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mom and the boys got to go to the circus! We got to see clowns, and eat cotton candy, and popcorn, and snow cones... oh yeah! Life is good! Dad and Mar-Mar couldn't come... they had to go and get a new hampster. Henry died a couple days after we got him, so now we have Lewis. He's cute- but deathly afraid of us (especially Mar-Mar). Anyway- I'll post pics of him, when I can get one without him running into his house!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our New Addition!

Yep- we got a hamster today!! The kidlets have been aching for a pet, so we brought home Henry today. The drive back from St. George was a little crazy (he made 5 rather LARGE holes through his temporary home). Now he is at his new home, still a little nervous, but that might be from the rather large giants that have been staring at him for the last couple hours! Welcome home Henry the Hamster (Named by Kar-Kar)!

Just Relaxin' with dad!!
"Karson, Let's do the Cha-Cha!"

Saturday, March 03, 2007

K-Dawg had a birthday!! Too bad he was sick. We still managed to have a little bit of fun, though!

Our friends Joe and B.L. came to visit for a few days!

I made Kar-Kar sit at the table until he took a bite of his dinner, and he fell asleep! He is a stubborn bugger!

The T-Man with his President's Day hat he made.