Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We are having...

We're having another girl!! Everything is looking good as far as I know. We haven't really even started thinking about names, so if you have any ideas we are all ears (Sorry Tony and Lacie- Rogerina is not gonna happen)! Having a girl means for tests for me and the baby, but we will deal with it all when it comes. We're really excited for our family to finally be complete! 2 boys and 2 girls- what's more balanced than that??

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mary and her favorite movie

So Mary just cracks me up sometimes. Her favorite movie right now is "Hairspray" (kind of funny, huh?). Anyway- she has all of the actions down to "Good Morning Baltimore"- so I thought I would show you just a little piece. At the end all the songs she always has her arm-pumping big finale. She's pretty entertaining. I'm sure she gets that from Kregg!

Ty's Touchdown

So we miraculously (did I actually spell that right?) captured Ty making one out of 3 touchdowns tonight. It's pretty cool as a parent to watch all the other spectators from both sides with their jaws dropped commenting on how fast he is. Good job Ty! Keep it up!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ty's first flag-football game

He's gonna really like this sport. He needs to work on actually slowing down and concentrating on which way to go. But he really is hilarious. He's running to catch this kid's flag from the other team, but he's more worried about beating everyone else on his team who is trying to catch the kid. He's looking on both sides while he's running to make sure he's the fastest- it's kinda funny. It should be a fun season, though.
So these are pretty much what the sunsets look like every night in Mesquite. If we would have taken the pic a couple minutes earlier, you would have seen the pinks and the reds and the oranges... Gorgeous!

Play-dough time!

So my kids love playing with the play-dough, especially Karson. He was so excited- he made an elephant!!! He was so excited to take this picture. Mary likes to take the dough out of the can and then put it back in.
After Mary started taking off with the play-dough, that was my cue to find her something else to do. A tunnel fixes everything!

My kids obsessions...

So my kids have a few obsessions. Ty likes dinosaurs and is obsessed with cup-stacking right now. Karson is animals- especially his zebra (that he seems to be eating in the picture). Mary is her baby that she got from Aunt Heidi and Uncle Kendall for Christmas. We can't go anywhere without the zebra and the baby, though. Mary is constantly taking her baby for walks and dancing with her. She also feeds her (I'm constantly prying waffles and cheerio's out of her mouth), and puts her down for naps. At bedtime- the baby has to be right next to her and have her own blanket. You always wonder where she gets these instincts from- we don't really have a lot of babies around to watch, you know? But at any rate it's pretty comforting to know that she knows how to be soft and caring and careful (except for the prying food down baby's mouth) she is considering in a few months we will have a real baby taking over around here.

Plays hard and sleeps hard...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ty and the Pledge

So this morning Ty got to be the one to announce and lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegience (sp?) for his school's flag ceremony. He did a great job!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Chicken Dance

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything! We really haven't been doing anything! Except for dancing- so here you go...