Monday, June 30, 2008

So I guess it's about that time!!

Alright- so our little Lucy Lee will be joining us in the next few weeks (my due date is July 24th). When is she going to come?? Ty was 2 days late, Karson was pretty much on time, and they started me with Mary. Does anyone have any guesses??

Saturday, June 28, 2008

All the rest of our Colorado Trip

Okay- I finally can post the rest of these pictures- sorry everyone- it's just been a crazy last couple weeks! So here you go! These pics were when we were passing through Moab. We had to check out at least one arch! This is my brother trying to keep up with the little ones.
Oh crap. 2 of the same picture. Oh well- Ty made it to the top!

I had to stick this pic in here- this is my cute-as-heck little niece Tayvie. Mary couldn't get enough of her. Anyway- my sis-in-law Lacie has some way cute pics of my kids and the trip on her blog: so check them out if you get a chance. There are some wicked good pics of the miniature golfing on hers. Thanks Lace!

Horseback Riding in New Mexico

So my Uncle Jessie lives in a little town called Chama in New Mexico. We got to go see him on his ranch- what a blast!! It was really, really windy- but we still managed to get to play with the horses. And the views are just gorgeous!! This is Kregg's cowboy face.

All the kids thrived on feeding the horses. In fact- when we were in Durango a few days later, they were feeding fake horses they liked it so much.
Mary didn't like getting on the horse so much this time. In fact- after we got her down, she went inside and wouldn't come back out until she knew for sure we weren't going to try to put her on the horse again.
Ty was a little worried at first, but once he was on we couldn't get him off!
Karson, too.

Yep- Kregg even rode. But do you think that he would let me? Of course not. But all of you know that I tried!!! Kars was hilarious on this. Watch the video at the bottom of this post.
My uncle Jessie fed us a really great BBQ dinner, then enlightened us with some music! We really had a great time.

Check out these videos!

Can't go on vacation without swimming!

Look- little Tayvie actually fell asleep on me in the pool!

Karson and his tail...

Beautiful lake, but a whole lot of cold...

A little bit of wind and cold won't keep us from skipping rocks!

Hiking and Waterfall!!

My boys love grandma and grandpa!
Super cute kid, huh??

Poor Kregg pretty much went up the whole mile carrying this 25 lb weight... and of course by the time it was time to go downhill she was awake.
Here's aunt Traci and her attachment... he was a little freaked out at the loudness of the water. But way pretty waterfall, huh??
Hiking is actually a lot of fun with little ones! Although I can't wait until they are a little bit older. Ty practically ran the whole hike he was so excited (that's why he's not in these pics...). It's right up his alley.
All the grandkids with Uncle Tony. Sorry they aren't all looking at you, but you should be lucky none of them are picking their nose, sticking out their tongue, or screaming- like all the other pics! :)


So we drove up to this cute little mining town called Creede. It was a beautiful drive- we went through 2 tunnels (one of which my grandpa actually helped build!). Anyway- here's Lacie and Tayvie.

You gotta love the Colorado mountains and the model showing them off (Thanks Auntie Traci!)... so pretty!
We had to snatch a picture of the Rio Grande! Looks a little different than the Virgin River (well for one thing, it actually has water in it).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yeah- we actually were in Pagosa Springs!

This town is so pretty! It's this small town in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. We had 3 condos (my family in one, Tony's in another, and my parents and Traci in the other one). We all pretty much hung out in our room, and Tony's was connected to ours, and it worked out really well. We also had a really pretty and large pond off of the back of our deck full of fish and geese (and at night birds and bats). We also had a rec center we got to go to, and a miniature golf course. Man- Lacie has the BEST pics of the miniature golfing- maybe I can show you those another time. We had a blast, though!
With 5 kids we spent quite a bit of time in the condo- so we did a lot of game playing, eating, and watching movies. Thanks to little Ayz for bringing all her toys so my kids could steal them from her!
Mary is going through this huge princess phase- especially Cinderella- and Ayz had a whole set of them. That's where Mary spent most of her time.
In Pagosa Springs, they also have the hot springs. Next time we go- when I am not hugely pregnant- we'll go hit the resort. Oh man that would be so fun!
Yeah- you get the rotten egg smell... totally worth it though!

Our Steam Engine Train Ride!

So how cool is this?? All of us got to go on the famous train ride from Durango to Silverton. Wow- it was SO BEAUTIFUL! Tons of gorgeous waterfalls, and rivers, and cliffs... And the kids loved it. Thanks mom and dad!
Yep- I know- I'm a pretty bad mom to let my 2 year old stick her head out of the train... but seriously- how cute is that??? The hard part was actually getting her head back in.

Yeah, of course, Mary didn't really sit for very long. But actually she did pretty good. She stayed by us most of the time.
Karson was having a great time- he was the one to always spot animals and waterfalls. He was so cute- just soaking it all in.
There are a few places where you are right on the edge of the cliff- you can just look straight down. It was a little creepy, but so darn pretty!
This is Silverton- we didn't have as much time as we would have liked, but thanks to our crazy (yet insanely awesome) tour bus driver we got some great views. Actually- I thought we were going to die for a little bit there on the steep cliffs he was driving up... but we did it! Anyway though, we ate at this place called "The Bent Elbow". So good! It had the "old west" feel to it- even a guy playing the piano. It was awesome.
If you're ever looking for a little adventure that has beautiful scenery you can't see anywhere (or any way) else, I highly recommend this train ride. You'll be amazed!