Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Get some holiday cheer!

Okay- so I stole this idea from my cuz Justen- he always has the most hilarious ideas. But I thought I would share it- so here it is! My kids and my niece Ayla. Merry Christmas!

And if you are really feeling festive... here is me and Kregg.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ty the Paleontologist

Tony and Lacie gave Ty an excavation kit. Oh man- that was like the best gift he could ever get. It took him all day and he couldn't have any interruptions ("Not right now- I'm exploring!"). He actually had my brother Tony guard it while he did something so Aunt Lacie wouldn't touch it.
Cute, huh? Oh- and yes- that is my husband in the background eating a leftover turkey sandwich. He loves the next day turkey sandwiches!
This is the final product- the velociraptor. Great job Ty!

More presents!

Mary turned 2!

Can you believe she's 2?
Kudos to my mom for making this cake look so good!
Lucky for Mary- my mom and Grandma LeFevre were here visiting. She got this frisbee from Grandma L. and you can see how excited she is.

But she was WAY excited for this stroller/ grocery cart. Awesome!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mesquite Festival of Trees

This picture just cracks me up! Ty is such a spaz! Anyway- we got to go the Festival of trees last week. It was so great! I was really impressed. And it was perfect for my little family- it wasn't jammed-packed and there weren't so many to get through.
They had this table of crafts for the kids to do- this is where we spent most of our time.
Mary would take out a crayon and draw a quick line just so she could put it back in that big crayon thing. Ty was very serious with his gingerbread man- and I had to force Karson to color his pic before he could cut it all into very tiny pieces. It was a fun night! They also had fun games.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Funny Story

So Ty has this friend named Valerie who is in his Kindergarten class and rides the bus with him. In the last few weeks in his class they have been talking a lot about their phone numbers and addresses. One day last week Valerie asked Ty to write down his phone number, and of course he was so excited to since he knows it (They don't teach WHO to not give phone numbers to when they are teaching you them...). So she calls that night as soon as we got home. Ty was like, "Why are you calling me? What do you want??" He thinks that he always has better things to do than to talk on the phone. So anyway- she wanted to come over and play so I picked her up, they played, and I took her home. The next morning at about 5:45 AM she calls (I was already awake at least). "Hello?" "Hello?" "Who's this?" "This is Valerie. I need to talk to Ty." "Valerie, do you know what time it is?" "Yes" "Ty's still asleep." "Well can you wake him up because I need to tell him something." "Valerie- why don't you call back right before school or you can just talk to him at the bus stop." "Okay." So at about 6:15 she calls...

I knew someday that day would come when girls would be calling all hours of the night- just not when he was 6... and calling at 5:45 in the morning...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mary and the Flags

Frolicking among the flags

David Bly, Desert Valley Times

Two-year-old Mary Clemens enjoys runnning through the1,000 Flags Over Mesquite on Saturday. The weather was perfect for the sunrise ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park, and for the annual Veterans Parade.

Originally published November 6, 2007

So my little girl was on the front page of the Mesquite Desert Valley Times today!! Pretty cool, huh? You can see it at It's kind of exciting!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween's over??? Already??

Here is all of Karson's candy. I taught him how to properly stake out his candy. I taught him all of the different categories, and what to eat first. Karson banked! He got the most of the kids because they loaded him up at preschool. And also because of the cuteness factor mentioned before.
This is Mary recuperating from Halloween the next day. Another Halloween! Success!!!


There was a group of us that went- we had a great time! It's so wierd trick-or-treating in 80 degree weather! I could definitely get used to it!! Karson was actually sweating in his lion costume. He kept getting extra candy, too, because he was so cute. Plus he figured out real quick that if he stood there long enough, that they would give him more. Smart kid. Mary would wait for them to give her candy, then dash into their house looking for more. It didn't take her long to figure it out though. She insisted that she carry her candy everywhere- so it was really funny when her bucket was full... she wouldn't give it up! She kept leaning over and falling everywhere. So cute! And the blood on Ty's face is still stained on his face. He takes a lot of pride in that for some reason!
That cute kid on the bottom left of the picture is Ben- Mary's little boyfriend I was telling you about. Now you can see his face!

Carving pumpkins

Kregg and Ty did most of them! They did a good job! Ty did his all on his own.

So you all should know by now how much Mary likes getting into cabinets. However, this cabinet was a first.

Safety Fair

Last weekend Mesquite had a safety fair. My parents were visiting for the weekend so they came along. My kids loved the helecopter. Here's Ty asking his endless amount of questions.
I had to pry these two out.
Karson had all the questions for the horses, too. But Mary loved petting them.

They love spending time with Grandpa! Especially when there is "Sorry" involved! Thanks for coming down mom and dad! We love you!!