Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mary update 4/21

Hey everyone! Mary had two appointments yesterday. The first one was her audio. When we went for her first ear check back in February, her left ear was not responding to anything except loud noises. When we went yesterday it was her right ear that wasn't responding. Her ear drum wasn't even moving. The fact that it has switched is actually encouraging, because that means it is selective, but it will still affect her speech and how she hears. They suggested that the number one priority for her is to get her into an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist to get rid of all of her congestion, and go from there.
Yesterday afternoon we got to see the geneticist, and that was much more encouraging. Mary is in the 3 percentile on a normal growth chart (Turner's has a separate growth chart). But the point is that she is on the growth chart and so they don't think that she will need to start on growth hormones for a while. In fact, if she stays where she is at, she has a great chance of being 5 feet without growth hormones! But it's usually around age 2 when they stop growing- so we'll see!
The geneticist also measured everything from her nose to her eyes and her nose to her mouth and stuff like that. It was kind of cool, and nothing is unexpected there. Her eyes are normal and her ears have a little extra tissue but he thought it was cool because they still lay back. Usually they would stick out- so that's good!
The best part was that he told me that there is really only 3 specialist that I need to worry about right now- the cardiologist, the neurologist, and the ear nose and throat guy. That was really reassuring to me- it was nice to know which ones I could put on the back burner!!
Anyway- I've rattled on enough- thanks for visiting our post!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Hmmm! I think I'll throw all of my food on the floor and take a nap!"

camping in the back yard

Last weekend we set up the tent in the backyard and let the boys take it over for a while. We played flashlight games and they loved dad's "can't catch me!" finger light game. It was really windy, though, and even with the boys in it- the tent still ended up on the other side of our (really small) backyard. It was pretty funny. I didn't let them sleep out there so they weren't too happy about that, but I'm sure they will get a chance soon enough.

More pets!

Meet the newest additions to our family- Tom and Jerry. They are loving it in our pond! So much that we can't find them because there are so many hiding places. We see them every once in a while!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update on Mary

So I thought I would post an update on Mary...
We went to Vegas yesterday for her sedated echo. They didn't completely sedate her, they just made her a little "drunk". Turns out, when she is drunk, she still doesn't hold still. She just laughs a lot. Go figure...
Anyway- everything is looking pretty good. They want to do a MRI next month at the hospital in Vegas, then the doc will discuss her situation with all his colleagues. He is hoping that they won't have to do surgery at all! Yeah! But I have learned to not get my hopes up too high yet!

Also Nevada Early Intervention Services came to my house today (isn't that cool that they will come to me so I don't have to drive out to see them?) to check on Mary's physical and emotional progress. Turns out that she is right where every normal kid is. In fact- there were quite a few things that they were very impressed with (like body-slamming her big brothers). Anyway- so it's all good news! Next week we go in for our first visit to the Genetisist (?) and for another hearing test. Wish us luck!


Some of the women of the fam...

Mish, Kris, and T dying easter eggs. Him and Kar-Kar could not get enough. They had a great time, though.

My bro and sis-in-law. Aren't they cute???

Our old friends from the block

Hangin' out with some of my greatest neighbors EVER!!

We miss these guys so much! We had a lunch and got to play together and talk. So fun!

Mar-Mar and Lukey were attached at the hip. They took turns getting themselves into trouble!

In the back yard

Grandma and Mar-Mar hangin' out...

Yep- this is him pretending to be asleep... I sure was fooled...

Dinosaur Museum

This was so fun! We saw the 3-D Movie on Dinosaurs, and even Mar-Mar loved it! We got to go with Kade and his mom.

I'll save you bro!!!

Trip to Temple Square

Mmmm ice cream!

Yep- She totally swapped my yummy chocolate ice cream cone. I tried to get it back, but it just wasn't going to happen. The chocolate goes nicely with her sunburn from the day at the park.

Goin' to the park!

We pretty much lived at the park while we were in Utah. T is obsessed with frisbee now... thanks redhead!!!

This is Mar-Mar's friend Brenny- they had a great time!

This is our friends red-head and Kay... they're CRAZY!!! So much fun!!!
Kar-Kar and Leenie by the end of the day were holding hands and playing house on the playground.

We went to the park with Steffy and her fam- we always love to spend time with them!

We had a blast at the zoo!

This is T's really good friend Lyt. They have a blast together!

For some reason, I really like taking pictures of people from behind. It's just cute.

We had a great trip in Salt Lake! We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory with the fam...gotta love that spaghetti!