Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally an update!

Hey everyone!
Thought I would give you the latest-
I had an ultrasound yesterday and of course this little spitfire in my belly was jumping all over the place and shooting me peace signs. That's always good. Then today I had my appointment today, and he told me that the placenta has moved up and that it isn't even an issue anymore. He has no idea, though, why I am still bleeding. So he told me to go ahead and get back to my life (except that Kregg still can't look at me funny...), and just take it easy if I'm cramping or what not. So I have a little bit of freedom back! Yay!!

It also looks like Kregg is going to take the store in St. George. We are waiting for the final details with Ace Hardware, so we will still be around if it works out. The part that Kregg is not looking forward to is the time change in St. George. If he has to be there at 7am, that is 6am our time. Which means he has to leave at 5am our time, which means he will have to wake up at 4 or 4:30 in the morning. That ought to be pretty entertaining. But he's not looking for it to be long term out there- and if it is our lease will be up in June and we'll move up there. We will probably still have the option of being able to go up to California if things don't work out. Hopefully everything will go the way we are planning!

Anyway- on a really great note- my sister and her friend Monika decided to surprise me today by showing up on my doorstep from SL. So we're going to play tonight! I'm stoked!!!!!

Love you all! Thanks for all of your concern and your prayers! We really don't know how we could have gotten through all of this without you! Julz

3 joe-cool comments:

Lace said...

This little Roger kid is going to be just as crazy as you are! :) Always jumping around! I'm so glad to hear about the placenta that's great news! Hopefully the bleeding will stop and won't be an issue anymore either! That's what we'll pray for! I bet it's also nice to have some sort of idea of what the future holds in the next few weeks with Kreggs job and knowing that you are atleast not making a move until June. Glad to hear all of this, hope you are out having fun!

Wendy said...

Yay for lots of good news! Hope you have a great night with your friend and sister. Celebrate your little jumping bean. I hope things work out for Kregg with Ace so you don't have to move AGAIN. You would be going on what 4 states in 2 years?

sarraphim said...

Yay it's the Clemens Family! I didn't know you guys were on Blogspot! :D Well well, guess I'll have to talk to you on here now! :D Love you all!