Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let's play a game... It's called "CATCHUP"!!!

Hi everyone!!! I know I have SERIOUSLY been flaking... so here is my attempt to catch everyone up... in no particular order (AKA I probably screwed it up...:) )
Let's start with Easter!
Tradition: Decorating candy bars...

And eating as much frosting as you can before your mom can get to you...

Our jellybean Easter egg hunt...

Mary's surgery... Don't feel too bad for her! She was like this for maybe an hour before she was jumping off the couch and trying to eat pizza...

Kregg's Birthday... Tee hee...

Have to add the usual Mary sleeping pics...

I don't think I even need to comment on this one... ha ha!!

Karson's Birthday...

New Years Eve...

Hangin' out with some of the best friends a girl could ever have...
PS- Hey girls!! I'm updating my blog!! Are you proud of me?!?!? :)

The Treehouse Museum with Kregg's sister...

Pajama pics with the cousins!!!

Family Parties... Love you guys!!

Meeting my cute-as-heck-that-I-miss-so-much-little niece for the first time!!


Spending quality time with friends...

Mary's Birthday

Family Pics...

Aaaaah. I feel so much better.
After Disneyland Pics.
Love you all!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mary and "Princess and the Frog"

Okay- so I am going to try to play catch up... but until then I thought I would share this video with you! Mary has a bit of soul...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ty's Baptism

Wow. I am SO proud of this kid. I'm so proud of the choices he has made. I'm proud of his hard work and his testimony of the gospel. He was so excited for this day!
Uncle Kendall and Uncle Tony spoke on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. Aunt, Traci, Grandma Goddard, and I sang "A Child's Prayer". Ty wasn't feeling all that great, but it didn't stop him from the things he needed to do!
Congrats again Ty! We love you so much!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Fam comes to Vegas!

We have this really great park out here... so we fed everyone lunch before Ty's baptism. It was a perfect day at the park!!

My grandma, aunts, and I went on "Let's Make a Deal". I won a car!!!!! No I didn't.

I'm just kidding.

It was a blast though!!

October Trip to Utah

Mary is SO attached to her Uncle Kendall!!

Lucy LOVED Kaden, too.

We had so much fun!

Mary loved it when her cousin Karissa took her down the slide over and over and over again... :)

I couldn't get my kids off this!!

You guys know my fetish with the back of the heads...

The cousins all get a long so great!

We had a blast at the Children's Museum!

We LOVE coming to Utah!